Lake of the Ozarks, MO

The Living Church of God will celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles 2017, in the beautiful rolling hills that surround the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.  Services will be held at the Country Club Hotel & Spa, which is currently undergoing a total transformation, making it an almost brand-new facility. The fresh renovations will allow us to hold most of our festival activities, luncheons, and dinners on-site. Additionally, there are many sleeping rooms in the same building where services will be conducted, with a number of condominiums on-campus and walking distance.

We are already planning some wonderful family-friendly activities that will help to make this year’s Feast unforgettable.  Fine-dining restaurants, shopping, golf courses and local wineries are all located in close proximity to the Country Club, which makes this location a very popular American vacation destination.

This hotel will be fully upgraded by June 2017, when it is slated for a grand opening. The rooms at the hotel are currently reserved for you, the members of Living Church of God, at special prices. In addition to the on-site condos, there are local hotels and motels we plan to publish on the Festival Web site. 

Whether you are interested in revisiting old memories or making brand new ones, we are looking forward to seeing you here at the Lake of the Ozarks for the Feast this year! 


Festival Coordinator/Contact: 
Dr. Richard Franz
Phone: (314) 775-3192 
Email: [email protected]


And He said to them,

"Go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

- Mark 16:15

Time Till The Feast!

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